Friday, November 9, 2018

Choosing toys by development


Facetime phase:
  Frolic play
  Banging rattles
  Mylar balloon (with supervision- of course)

Reaching for toys (on back and tummy) Early Cause and effect. 
Is aware that objects exist when not seen
Finds toys hidden under things
Crawls to or walks to get what they want
Pulls string toys
Not mouthing toys as much
Looking at toys briefly

  Gertie Balls
  Banging on pots/pans
  Toys that respond to movement or sound
  Toys that you pull
  Toys that you can imitate together: drums, rattles, blocks that you bang together
  Lighted toys
  Cause-effect boards

Reaching with more stability (sitting with/without support)-keep cause and effect, moves hands bilaterally, purposeful exploration of toys, handing toy to you if can’t operate it

  in/out/dump/ fill, pull
  Coffee can and lid filled with balls or scarves 
  Pulling toys with a string
  Cause -effect toys
  Tactile box

Pretend play begins: “pretend to go to sleep” or “eat” play food: common objects and toys are used  appropriately, may use chair to get things, uses trial and error to discover toys. Child is crawling or walking
  Play houses; play fridge/stove
  Shopping cart
  Trains/planes, etc
  Musical instruments for kids

Pretend play includes more than one thing

  characters or current craze: houses, characters
  Characters from favorite movies or books
  Mr Potato head

Indirect cause and effect 

  Voice-Activated toys
  Remote switch toy
  Fluorescent light tube holder and anything you can race through it (cars, balls)- they are see through

Pretend play continues to develop along with problem solving skills:

  Characters from Star Wars, GI Joe, Barbies, etc…
  Markers, paper
  Marbles for classification as well as old-fashioned fun
  Transformers- there are quite a few that are made for the younger ages as well : Rescue Bots, but often kids can do some of the actual Transformers for the older ages
Pretend play: dolls, dress-up , super heroes, Playmobil
  Hot wheels
  Science kits
  Brio kits are back

  Blink card game
  Mad Libs
  Outburst Jr. board game (classification and word finding, vocabulary)
  Apples to Apples Jr. (classification and vocabulary)
  Guess Who board Game
  Sorry: have Disney Sorry and others. (sequencing, reading, some problem solving)
  Osmo: LOTS of new games including coding
  Rush Hour

Hands-on games for beginners:

  Don’t break the ice
  Catch the Fox
  Jumping Jack
  Pop up Pirate

IPad apps
 cause-effect stages:

Art of Glow
My First App: Build it up
Eggroll games: coloring farm, coloring zoo
Bubble Paper (or just use real bubble paper )
PDJ apps: cyclotron
Cause and effect sensory light box
Helpkidzlearn: FIngerpaint

Pretend play apps:
Bluebear: puppy doctor
TocaBoca: Pet doctor (there are many!), Hair Salon, Toca kitchen
Disney: color play, palace pets
Sago Mini: Bug Builder, Café, Dress-up, planes
Tiny Dentist
Mr. Potato Head

Pretend Play that incorporates a narrative or alt-reality:
Sago Mini: boats, ocean swimmer, school, road trip,boats, space explorer, etc
Tiggly: Submarine
My PlayHome
Toca School
Play date: Rescue Bots dino island
Toca elements
Toca Builders

Toontastic  (create a story movie)
Pokemon playhouse
Freddi Fish
Angry Birds
Minion rush

Tiggly: alphabet kitchen (they have tiggly chef and others too)
Hideout (phonics game)
Tinytap (free and has scads of activities from school-based to speech-language)
Osmo: words,numbers, pizza company, coding
Downs Ed international Special Stories, Special words

  On the internet for free!!: try quizzes at, wacky web tales on