Thursday, July 19, 2018

Apps for Speech Homework

Homework is the key to success. Practice makes perfect especially when there is perfect practice. I LOVE using TInytap as it is accessible to families for free and is on iOS and Android. If one wants, the lessons can be for sale. Mine are free as my parents have easier access. You can also assign a lesson to several students. It’s very intuitive. I can create lessons so quick I can do it while I’m probing for those perfect practice words with a child.  The speech cards use my voice with the rate needed for successful practice. I have also used Bitsboard but it has been glitchy lately. It has a free and paid version so my parents can access my homework using the free version. The paid version makes creation of boards much quicker. Tinytap:

Bitsboard: Flashcards. It has writing, reading, matching and other options.

No matter what we use for practice, carryover is everything. Make it fun!